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About My Private Sessions

This is to give you an overview of what to expect during a private session with me, so that we can optimize our time together to help accomplish your goals.

First, let me clarify that I am NOT “PSYCHIC” or have any special “GIFTS” of any kind. I use an ancient skill known as dowsing and a pendulum to access information.

I also have over 30+ years of experience and continued classes and training in a wide range of related areas to enhance and add to my skills, knowledge, and data base. I have spent literally hundreds of thousands of dollars to get the best training from the best teachers I can find, often even in other countries. I believe my background in Criminology, unique birth chart, insatiable curiosity, and seemingly endless questions inspire me to always look behind the scenes or under the surface for the evaluations and solutions to your individual situation.

Initially, I may take a brief history or ask some specific questions to give me an overview, and find out what YOUR goals or expectations are for the session.

Then I dowse from a list of over 75 tools or techniques I can work with to help achieve your goal.

We may do some kinesiology or muscle testing to see what YOUR system requests and in what priority.

Finally, I will explain the processes, and we get to work. We do as much, at as fast a pace for your comfort as we have time for in the session.

The work may include such diverse things as …

  • past life regression,
  • removing energetically old embedded objects,
  • shamanic soul retrieval,
  • emotional clearing,
  • trauma resolution,
  • neutralizing allergies,
  • changing limiting core beliefs,
  • hypnosis or Higher Self work,
  • releasing confused or interfering energies, or
  • clearing genetic or family patterns.

I may give you some Flower Essence remedies, or suggest some homework to support your success.

Some clients want only to explore their past lives; hence we will specifically focus on that work. Usually I will offer to audio tape it for you, and we may be able to tap in on the key information of 10 or more past lives in a single session! We can cover a variety of lives relating to for example:

  • significant relationships,
  • fears & phobias,
  • talents,
  • interests,
  • health concerns,
  • times or places in history of interest,
  • spiritual development and recurring dreams, to name just a few.

Generally I don’t tape the other sessions, but I can if you request it, or you are welcome to bring your own equipment. Also some clients want a friend or partner to sit in on a session, and that is fine with me, if it is with you, knowing some intimate things may come up.

My personal philosophy is that most issues or concerns can be resolved, although not always in an hour or two. I do believe I can see and hold a Higher Vision of possibilities for you, even when you can’t for yourself, and assist you to achieve it. I am committed to teaching and empowering YOU, not making you dependent on ME. I consider myself more of a teacher or facilitator rather then a healer, yet at times, remarkable healings have occurred. I consider chronic patterns or problems as more multi-dimensional, rather than having just one cause or solution, so I may approach them with several techniques from several perspectives. I don’t believe change has to be painful or take a long time.

My sessions run an hour and a half to two hours, unless otherwise indicated. I try to be fast, efficient, and feel I can communicate unusual or complex information in terms you can understand. I endeavor to “climb inside your reality” to understand where YOU are coming from. I consider myself compassionate, generous and patient to support you making changes.

I look forward to our working together and serving you to accomplish your finest Dreams and Goals!

Thank you. In Service,



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