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Allergy Cure
  • An allergy is like our body having a phobic response to something. Guess what? We can be allergic to literally anything!
  • For example, financial challenges, good health, intimacy, success, people, colors, even the organs in our own body!
  • In just a few moments these allergies can be identified and then cleared with powerful, long-lasting results.

Balance and Align Chakras
  • Chakras are the energy centers or vortices in our aura that correspond to the nerve centers and organs in our body.
  • Energy body research suggest that these seven centers can get congested or compromised in many ways, leading to imbalances in our physical and emotional bodies.
  • Balancing and healing these energy centers can make a remarkable difference in many areas of our lives.
    This is one of several procedures that can easily and safely be done remotely.
Change Core Beliefs
  • Our beliefs determine our behaviors and all the ways that we approach and experience life.
  • Beliefs are things we act on as if they were true … and even argue to defend, … but are not necessarily the TRUTH!
  • Sometimes we form beliefs as children that no longer serve us in present time, but did you know that these can be changed to something that’s much more useful and appropriate to your current life?
  • There are some powerful tools to remove these old limiting beliefs that no longer serve us, and then install a marvelous new belief that elegantly serves our finest self now.
Clear Negative Energies
  • Many people, especially those who are very energetically sensitive, can pick up , or be energetically influenced, by lower negative, dark, or confused energies and influences.
  • This can affect us in numerous ways in our health, judgment, moods and even much more.
  • These lower energies can be released from our auras, so that clarity and balance are restored.
  • Dowsing is NOT just about locating water.
  • It is an ancient and sacred art/ that can be easily learned and used to enhance literally every area of your life!
  • It can assist with making decisions, health, relationships, energy work and so much more.
  • Sandee is the former President of the national dowsing organization.
  • She has utilized, researched and taught this amazing gift of dowsing since the 1970s.
  • It is the thread woven through all of her work.

Watch the video to find out more about how dowsing can benefit you.

Environmental Harmony
  • Just what do we mean by Environmental Energy Harmony? 
  • Everything is energy.
  • Energy Does not decide if it's positive or negative, it is a question of how harmonious it is to our bodies, to our health, to our environment.
  • It is non-judgmental, and it can be influenced and manipulated.
  • Environment can include: the earth, your land, your home, your office.
  • Energy that can influence us may include electromagnetics, radiation, microwaves from cell phones, scalar waves, HAARP, and many others. There are earth energies and cosmic energies, ghosts or spirits that have not moved on, imprints on the land from traumatic events. 
  • There are  natural things such as vortexes, portals, interdimensional doorways, and things like underground streams, fault lines, noxious rays. 
  • All of these can affect our health and well-being depending on how sensitive we are.

Watch the video for more information on harmonizing energies and making your dreams come true...

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