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About Me

My Approach

I believe my Vision and approach is somewhat different than many other systems. I’ve seen suffering and tremendous frustration with so many people, especially sincere, well-meaning, spiritually-open people. It has touched me deeply, because I recognize so much of it as unnecessary and, in many cases, easily resolved. I have no interest in making clients dependent on me, I have a great interest in supporting others to their greatest potential, so they can then assist others to do the same, and it ripples out. My compilation of tools and commitment to safe, powerful, and lasting change, drives my work. The more people who embrace “waking up,” resolve their issues and challenges, and step into their life purposes, the more we all as humanity and all of creation benefit and shine brightly.

My Story

To say that my childhood was unconventional is an understatement. It would actually make a great movie, but nobody would believe it! I was actually raised in a traveling carnival, where my parents were in the food concession business … like popcorn and cotton candy, at the big State Fairs. It wasn’t quite like what you might be imagining. My parents were intelligent and quite successful. My mother played the violin, piano, and cello. My dad was an entrepreneur, training my siblings and me, from a young age, to work together in the family business. Both my parents had deep spiritual values, open minds, and high expectations for themselves and their children. Even though I didn’t live in a regular house or attend public school, my Mom and Dad made certain that I received a broad and extensive education. They had me study the classics and read about many great minds, and I soon developed a deep love for learning. I also learned to think “outside the box,” and this has become one of the most valuable traits that I have because it has allowed me to help so many people. From an early age, I was taught to believe that I could do anything, and it has been proven to me time and time again that I can.

After I graduated high school, I left home to study Fine Arts, Sociology and Criminology at Sam Houston University in Huntsville, Texas. By age 22, I’d graduated and got a job at Douglas County Hospital in Superior, Wisconsin. This was a mental hospital with over 200 patients. Incredibly, I was the only Psychiatric Social Worker for the entire hospital, and there was one psychiatrist who came in only one-half day, once a week. It was beyond impossible for us to give each patient the care and attention they needed.

The future looked bleak, and I was frustrated. My heart ached for my patients, because I knew they were constantly suffering and so desperate. I knew the drugs they were managed with, barely masked their problems. Most were just locked up in a ward, with no hope of independence or normalcy. Although I did my best to get some rehabilitated, it was a hopeless situation. Some of the patients actually had lobotomies and had been there for over 50 years, just being warehoused!

I was appalled at the lack of options that my patients had. I wanted something better for these people, I KNEW there was something better, I just didn’t know what it was yet. I knew there had to be a quick and inexpensive way to get lasting results, so I made it my life’s mission to find out what that was.

I studied several different healing modalities and tried them with my patients for the next 4 years while I was still working at the hospital. I was getting some results, but eventually, I realized that my hands were tied too tightly, and I knew I could no longer work within the standard medical model because it didn’t allow me the freedom to help as much as I knew I could. I had already been exposed to the idea of reincarnation by Edgar Cayce and believed that exploring this might give some clues to solving some people’s challenges. Maybe their phobias, fears, addictions, health and relationship problems had originated in a past life! I trained in the 70s to be a Past Life Hypnotherapist, and used this to help many people resolve their chronic problems, quickly and profoundly.

Over the next several years, I gathered knowledge and refined my skills, adding more training of various sorts, such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Bach Flower Remedies, Shamanism, Dowsing, and many others. I have always been fascinated by methods practiced by native and indigenous peoples, so I sought out learning from them, too. I have traveled around the world, seeking more systems for healing in places like Peru, China, Tibet, Greece, Egypt, and Africa. I was willing to study and learn anything as long as it offered hope for the suffering! I was driven to see how I could promote healing in an effective, simple, and powerful way. To date, I have learned 70 different healing modalities. The Emotion Code and The Body Code, as taught by Dr. Bradley Nelson, are very important components in my healing work, and I combine them with dowsing and any other modality that a client may need. I help people overcome all kinds of issues, ranging from physical pain, phobias, old traumas, disease, and fatigue to depression and emotional difficulties to relationship problems to money blockages.

I am a deeply spiritual person, and I believe in infinite possibilities. I believe that we have great potential and can have a powerful influence over our lives. I have always wanted to do work in the way that Jesus did, to be able to “speak the word” and help heal and change people’s lives. He, after all, said we could do the same as He did and more, didn’t He? It is really that simple! Every day, I see proof of this, that we can make profound changes, whether you want to improve your health, your wealth, or your happiness.

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